Principal | Gippsland Grammar



It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome our students to the 2019 school year. It was wonderful to see the smiling faces returning after the summer break and fantastic to see so many new students beginning their careers at Gippsland Grammar.


I would like to thank our families for allowing the School two days of professional learning on Tuesday and Wednesday. This was an opportunity for our staff to come together to worship with our new Chaplain, Jackie Belot, and to spend time in collaborative planning and learning. On Tuesday, all of our teachers were placed in the shoes of our students and experienced a half school day, attending lessons prepared by exemplar teachers from within the School. The experience of being a student for the day and observing great teachers at work was invaluable. Our teachers found the day to be professionally rewarding. We also spent time preparing our courses on VOS. I hope that our parents are enjoying the access they now have to their children’s learning through our new LMS, VOS. Please feel free to pass on any feedback to me, or your Head of Campus.


Towards the end of 2018, we spent time with our staff, Board and members of the community assessing our progress on the Strategic Plan and setting specific actions for this year. We have set ambitious plans and targets and I look forward to sharing these with you and seeking your feedback as the year progresses.


Our current Strategic Plan concludes this year and we will begin the process of developing a new plan during 2019. We want strong stakeholder engagement in this new plan, so that our entire community can feel ownership of our future direction. I will send out a survey later this term to seek your input. Mr Bruce Simons, past Principal of The Hamilton and Alexandra College, will visit the School in May to conduct focus groups with staff, students and parents. Dates will be advertised at the beginning of Term 2.


Once again, I would like to welcome all of our families to the 2019 school year and I thank you, in advance, for your support of Gippsland Grammar this year.


Academic Care


To develop and consolidate a whole school approach to making learning visible for each student.


2019 Strategic Actions



  • Use our PLP structure to continue implementation of VOS. Learning Coaches to work with team members to give feedback on VOS pages and guide their next steps.


Teaching and learning

  • To continue our goal to make learning visible to students, we will continue developing a student centred thinking culture within our classes- this involves less presentation of information and more opportunities for students to develop understanding through thinking routines and high impact teaching strategies. We will encourage staff to use thinking routines in their classes, to reflect on the amount of teacher talk and continue using SOLO, LI’s and SC’s to enhance intentionality with regard to their teaching.
  • To examine the language of feedback within our School. What does effective feedback look like and what is the language of feedback at Gippsland Grammar?
  • To continue developing a triangulated approach towards analysing data. This involves the integration of external testing results, internal assessments and pastoral surveys.


Our Team


To ensure that we have a culture of positive support and collaboration.


2019 strategic actions


  • To redesign the PLP to include aspects of 1:1 coaching and to integrate and simplify the current professional mentoring program.
  • To review meeting times and structures at all campuses.
  • To continue developing and improving our staff leadership program.




To develop a strong collaborative community model to ensure that effort produces effective and appropriate outcomes.


2019 strategic actions

  • To initiate partnerships with local businesses and organisations to assist our students through networking and mentoring. Where possible look for guest speakers and presenters.
  • To ensure that all of our community groups are well supported as they develop effective and efficient processes to connect parents and friends to the School.
  • list of community connections across each campus.


Ethical and responsible business practice


To operate the School in an effective yet efficient manner that responsibly balances the needs of the School with controlled expenditure.


To create modest and sustainable surpluses each year that enable the School to achieve its strategic aims and ensure that the quality of our educational offering and opportunities for students are not compromised.


2019 strategic actions


  • To embed and consolidate the new chart of accounts and improve communication and accountability regarding budgets and expenditure. This would include updates to staff regarding whole school finances.


Resource Development


To continue updating and implementing our Master Plan. To ensure that we plan thoroughly for each stage whilst also ensuring our current assets and resources and maintained in a manner befitting the image of the School.


2019 strategic actions


  • engage a consultant to develop and create a new master plan for the School.