Principal | Gippsland Grammar



What a great time of year it is, particularly at Gippsland Grammar. Our final weeks of the School year are full of exciting and energising events that celebrate our year, congratulate those who are moving on to the next stage of their education and share the joy of Christmas. Events such as the ELC Christmas Concert, the dressing the tree at St Anne’s, the Bairnsdale Twilight School event, the Valedictory Dinner, leadership inductions and services and, next week, our Year 6 Graduation and Celebration evening. Each event has its own significance for the students involved and marks another rite of passage as they journey through our School.


This week, as part of Rollover, we hosted the 2018 Year 7 students for their transition program. As always, the event was one of excitement and a few nerves as our new Year 7’s came together for the first time to meet their classmates, their teachers and to begin forming an understanding of what Year 7 will look like. As part of this transition, we also host their parents for the first day. Many of them were equally as excited and nervous about the upcoming move into secondary education. It was great to spend time with these families as they begin their journey together through Garnsey.


Our teachers have been working hard during the last few weeks to prepare and write end of year reports for all of our students. These will be coming home with the students on the last day of the year. I am currently receiving reports from teachers to proof read and I am thoroughly enjoying reading the story of 2017 for each of these students. To read of their triumphs, their struggles, their growth and their goals has been informative and affirming. Our students have worked hard this year. They have achieved more than a year’s growth within the year and I encourage them to read their reports carefully, take note of any advice offered and plan their growth areas for 2018.


I look forward to seeing many of our senior families at Celebration Evening next Thursday and I am looking forward to celebrating graduation with our Year 6 students and their families during the week.