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Principal's Message

In June 2022 the Gippsland Grammar Board appointed Mrs Michele Wakeham as Acting Principal of Gippsland Grammar.

Mrs Wakeham joined the Gippsland Grammar Community in 2021 from Trinity Grammar School in Kew where she was Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning. Prior to that Mrs Wakeham was head of Mathematics at Geelong Grammar School.

During her time at Gippsland Grammar, Mrs Wakeham has led the School’s Teaching and Learning program and has fully immersed herself and her young family both into School life and into the wider Gippsland region.

Board Chair Brendan Shepherd said Mrs Wakeham was an asset to the Gippsland Grammar Community.

“Michele brings strong leadership, knowledge and passion to the role,” Mr Shepherd said. “And she is well supported by our highly competent Leadership team.”

Mrs Wakeham began her teaching career more than 20 years ago and has taught Mathematics, Information Technology and Computing and Religious/Christian Education. She says she was drawn to a teaching career from a young age and, aside from a brief flirtation with astrophysics, teaching has always been her professional passion.

“Moving into leadership has been an ongoing organic journey for me,” Mrs Wakeham said. “It’s made me realise I have more to offer in making educational experiences for students and teachers more exciting and enriching, I have found a calling in a position to make this happen.”

Mrs Wakeham grew up in Melbourne’s south and has predominantly worked in Melbourne schools but said a move to Gippsland in 2021 felt like a natural progression for her family.

“My father was originally from Gippsland and I have much of my extended family living in regional Victoria,” she said. “And to be honest, I have always been quite envious of their environment. Our five-year stint in Geelong brought us a little further out of the city and, after moving back to Melbourne, we realised that a move further out would suit us perfectly. I have always looked at Gippsland Grammar with fondness from afar and when this opportunity presented itself, I could not have been more certain that it was the right move.”

Mrs Wakeham is joined at Gippsland Grammar with her husband Laurie who is the School’s Head of Maintenance and their three children Trystan, Rhys and Bryn. The family lives at Longford with Mrs Wakeham’s father Don and their three pets: dogs Inu and Dewi and cockatiel, Argy.