Principles of Academic Care | Gippsland Grammar

Principles of Academic Care

Academic Care at Gippsland Grammar promotes our five core values of compassion, leadership, excellence, respect and responsibility.


Academic Care, where students are understood not just as learners, but as an integral part of a broader community, requires teachers to develop curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning that are visible and enhance student learning, well-being and resilience, and to embed these in classroom experiences.


Academic Care at Gippsland Grammar builds positive self-esteem, connectedness and self-efficacy through pedagogies and organisational structures, and through adults’ relationships with students in and beyond the classroom.


Academic Care activates personal growth. A Growth Mindset enables an individual to cope with challenges and struggle; to endure and persist; and to create and develop a range of strategies and skills which can be used flexibly in order to flourish.


Academic Care is underpinned by our teachers’ passion to the ongoing development of their professional learning, collegiality and collaborative practices, and their commitment to students being at the centre of everything we do.