Rowing | Gippsland Grammar


Rowing is the ultimate team sport. Students who commit to rowing for Gippsland Grammar are involved in a sport which provides a holistic education and helps to create well-rounded individuals. Successful athletes are committed, hard-working and organised; they manage their time effectively and develop close bonds with team mates that can last a lifetime. Athletes become fitter and stronger; they develop confidence and humility and become reflective practitioners, learning how to identify strengths and areas for development, how to build on success and how to re-build following defeat. It is not surprising that committed athletes become committed students - the skills apply equally to both study and training.


The Director of Rowing has three key philosophies when coaching school level athletes:

  1. Sport for school age athletes should be fun – we row because we enjoy it and we learn to love the sport.
  2. Athletes learn that the best possible performance is realised when they take pride in producing their best technical and physical output. 
  3. The right culture drives a squad to greater outcomes. At Gippsland Grammar, we believe in a competitive, squad orientated and professional training environment.


The rowing season runs from the start of Term 3 through to the end of Term 1 in the following school year. In Year 7, every student has the chance to try rowing in Physical Education classes as part of that curriculum.