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Science Department

Term 3 continues to be a busy time for the Science Department. Our teachers have been working hard to ensure that students at all levels are developing a sound understanding of how the world around them functions.


At VCE level, students are completing final internal assessments before turning their gaze towards end of year examinations. The next few months are an important time for the consolidation of knowledge and we wish all our students well as they complete the final sections of their courses and begin exam preparations.


Other Year levels have also been working hard. Our Year 7 students have been investigating forces and how they affect motion. Year 8 students have been looking at how the human body works and are busy developing ‘digestion games’ before moving onto the respiratory and circulatory systems. In Year 9, the focus has been on chemical reactions. The year ten students are also completing a unit of Chemistry and are developing their ability to write balanced equations to represent the reactions they are conducting.



The department has also been involved in numerous activities outside of the set curriculum. Over the winter holidays, our senior Physics teacher Kai Dettbarn travelled to the US to participate in a Science modelling workshop. This two-week programme aims to foster inquiry based learning by developing classroom collaboration to generate data and deduce mathematical relationships. Our students have also been out and about; The Year 11 Biology classes enjoyed time on Heart Morass investigating micro invertebrates with ‘Bugblitz’, while Year 11 Chemistry students travelled to Federation University to participate in an Instrumental Analysis workshop.   


Mr Kai Dettbarn - Attending a Science workshop in the United States pictured with Albert Einstein



Toward the end of Term 2, many students from Year 7 to 10 were involved in the Big Science Competition. Results and certificates for the competition have just arrived, and once again, we had a number of excellent results achieved. Eighteen of our students received a Distinction certificate and 10 students achieved the top grading of a High Distinction. The success of these students will be recognised at an upcoming school assembly.