SEISA - Senior Football GRAND FINAL | Gippsland Grammar


SEISA - Senior Football GRAND FINAL

Gippsland Grammar boys got off to a good start in the senior football as Berwick turned up to the wrong ground, which meant they were a little late and under prepared. This showed on the scoreboard as well, with Berwick not bothering the scorers too much in the first 10 minutes of the game. Grammar jumped out of the boxes and hit the scoreboard multiple times, surging ahead in the first quarter, which became the pattern throughout the game. Grammar boys dominated the centre of the ground, giving us first use of the ball and allowing us to drive the ball forward at regular intervals, with only a few of the goal attempts not going through for majors.


Harry Cook was a giant in the ruck taps, skilfully backed up by Brad Carroll, Taylor Stephenson and Max Luckie, to dominate with first use of the ball. Irving Mosquito and Max Luckie were instrumental in the forward thrusts, which helped set up Brad Carroll and Harry Preston. Such was the dominance of Harry Cook all over the ground that he also pinched a goal and, on multiple occasions, assisted the backline drive the ball out of defence.


Darcy Fenning-Chester and Matt White were strong in defence with Ari Fleming and Will Runciman helping the rebound thrusts forward at regular intervals. Jeremy Gunther kicked a goal from a generous handpass from a set shot by dominating Captain, Taylor Stephenson, who had a great game, controlling the back half through to helping the forwards and middle.


Gippsland Grammar closed out the game early on, running over the top of a breathless Berwick team 97 to 17 in the end. Well done boys on a fantastic effort and emphatic win.


Andrew Nicholas
Head Coach