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Head of St Anne's Campus

We are entering the ‘pointy’ end of the school year with plenty going on between now and 14 December. For the past few weeks, our teachers have been working hard preparing our students’ Academic Reports. Monday this week, which was a student free day, allowed our teachers to focus solely on report writing. Time and effort have gone into creating accurate and informative reports that are a true reflection of each student. Reports will be handed out on the last day of school, with absent student reports to be mailed home over the holidays.   

Orientation Day – Friday 8 December

Our Orientation Day, also known as ‘new students’ day, will be held on Friday 8 December. Our new 2018 students will gather in the Library at the start of the day. We will begin the day with our traditional Fellowship and the announcement of 2018 Campus Captains. Our current and new students will find out which class they are in after Fellowship and will spend the majority of the day with their 2018 peers and teacher. 

Student Leadership 2018

Fostering student leadership is an important part of our school life, not only at St Anne’s, but across all of Gippsland Grammar. We are in the process of electing our Campus Captains for 2018. All current Year 5 students have been encouraged to speak to their parents and think about whether they would like to apply. Our Campus Captains have a major role within our school community. Our two Campus Captains will display the Gippsland Grammar CLERR values of compassion, leadership, excellence, responsibility and respect. They will be role models for all other students in the school.  They will have many speaking opportunities and be expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times.  They will be asked to attend various events during the year such as Anzac Day, Commemoration Day and the like.

ELC Christmas Concert – Friday 1 December

Those parents who have witnessed our ELC Christmas Concert know how special this occasion is. This year the concert will be on Friday, 1 December from 9.00am – 10.00am in the Lorna Sparrow Hall. All St Anne’s students will be attending, but I know our Year 5 students will be especially excited. This year, our Year 5 students have regularly met with their ELC buddy and have been able to build a special relationship that will continue next year as our ELC student’s transition into Prep and Year 5 into Year 6. 

St Anne’s Christmas Service – Monday 4 December

To continue our Christmas celebrations, we will be holding our annual St Anne’s Christmas Service on Monday 4 December in the Lorna Sparrow Hall, beginning at 10:30am. Each year level will sing a song, we will share the story of the birth of Jesus, and there will be the much-anticipated dressing of our Christmas tree. The school community is invited to join us for this service.

Prep Christmas Concert – Monday 11 December

Another key event is our annual Prep Christmas Concert. This will take place on Monday 11 December commencing at 9.00am. The Prep students have promised to put on another spectacular performance. 

Student Safety after School

We have recently seen a spate of injuries after school in our playground, as a result of poor behaviour, making me very concerned about the safety and well-being of our students. All students should be supervised by their parents if they are playing in our school grounds after school has finished for the day. Parents, please keep a closer eye on your children at the end of the day. I understand that getting together with other parents for a chat is important as it provides an opportunity to socialise, debrief and to feel connected to our school community. Thank you for your understanding.

Go the Aussies in the cricket!

Jie Van Berkel