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Head Of St Anne's Campus

This morning we celebrated our Citizens of the Term. The award is based on our school values of compassion, leadership, (personal) excellence, responsibility and respect and to give greater responsibility to our students, each class voted on who they thought should be Citizen of the Term.

Head of St Anne's Campus

Actions speak louder than words, which best describes our SRC’s efforts over the last few weeks....

Head of St Anne's Campus

This morning we were treated to a wonderful Fellowship by our Year 1 McCubbin students. They focused on teaching us all about the brain and how we can become better thinkers and learners.....

Head of St Anne's Campus

This week we celebrated Reconciliation Week in a number of ways. Students from all year levels learnt about how reconciliation promotes respect....

Head of St Anne's Campus

This week I spent some time at a conference for all Heads of Junior Schools at Independent Schools across Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.....