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My Year in Prep Mawson … 

When I started School I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know anyone. My teacher’s name is Mrs Tayler. I couldn’t write a sentence. I didn’t know about connectives and punctuation I didn’t even know what four plus four equalled. My favourite activity is PE. I’m proud of getting Citizen of the Term. I was embarrassed but then I knew I couldn’t be embarrassed and I knew my Mum and Dad were watching and I couldn’t help smiling but that was in Term Two. I still always show the School values.

By Nina Davine


My Year in Prep Bass …

My teacher was called Mrs Grubb and she taught me how to write my name and do other things like that because we were pre-structural. We had words of the week, like cat and ant and then words like teacher and tape. Now we know a lot. But that was just Term 1. Term 2: We had an athletics carnival and cross country, we also had Biggest Morning Tea and Book Week. Term 3: We had one hundred days of school, it was my favourite and we went to Bairnsdale to watch 'Around the World in 80 Days'. Term 4: We practised for our Christmas concert and I played fairies with Erin, Milla, Lara, Ocki, Dayne and Zavier. I loved Prep!

By Anya Sabapathi