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Teaching and Learning

Best practice pedagogy

Gippsland Grammar's educational model outlines best practice pedagogy in the classroom.

At Gippsland Grammar

  • we provide engaging and stimulating classroom environments where our students feel safe and willing to take risks in their learning;
  • our classrooms are places where our students can succeed and there is an understanding between our students and teachers of what success looks like;
  • learning is paramount and strategies are developed to intervene, extend or encourage our students to achieve their best;
  • our teachers demonstrate expertise and lead our students to develop their own understandings, skills and knowledge;
  • students benefit from effective and frequent feedback from their teachers, peers and others;
  • learning is challenging and our students are supported to become resilient and persistent learners;
  • our classrooms are places where learning can be collaborative, creative and fun; and
  • our teachers use contemporary Information Communication Technologies to enhance teaching and learning and to promote flexibility and independence.