Tournament of Minds  | Gippsland Grammar


Tournament of Minds 

Our ToM kids certainly had a very exciting and very tiring day on Sunday. Unfortunately, they were not successful in achieving a place in the finals, but they came up with a clever creative play in three hours, which they performed in the afternoon. The teams are given a new challenge in the morning and then have three hours to write a script, solve a complicated problem and organise a play to demonstrate their answer, all without any help. Our team was up against six teams from around the state, most of them with older children in the team that had been to State and National finals in past years.  


Our students’ behaviour and tenacity in completing a very difficult challenge was a great credit to the School and I am very proud of them. Way to go ToM kids! We are very well placed to go one step better next year now we know what happens at the state level.