Wellbeing | Gippsland Grammar


The wellbeing of students is a critical aspect of our Academic Care model and inextricably linked to learning. At Gippsland Grammar, we seek to ensure that:

  • the inextricable connection between wellbeing and learning is evident in everything we do;
  • students feel safe and supported by teachers;
  • our students learn in a calm and focussed environment;
  • there are clear and consistent behavioural and learning expectations made explicit to all students;
  • behaviours and relationships are managed in a restorative way;
  • relationships are respectful and characterised by positive dialogue and active listening;
  • teachers know their students, and use positive education strategies in the classroom and beyond;
  • a growth mindset is evident in all aspects of School life;
  • students learn in spaces which reflect the enjoyment and value of learning; and
  • a personal development program is explicit and based around the core pillars of Wellness, Achievement, Relationships and Community Involvement.