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Year 2 News

Over the last few weeks Year 2 have been writing recounts. We have looked at the parts of a recount; an opening sentence, paragraphs and sequence words. We have also explored how to up level our writing by adding description and detail. In our Cold write on Thursday we wrote about our year in Year 2. Here are some thoughtful reflections from the children. 


I do like starting new activities and different routines such as table partners, new languages and new specialists. It was good to meet new people. 

Harry Stephenson 


I’ve enjoyed Maths because I like adding up and playing games and multiplication. 

Xavier Plant 


I’ve enjoyed learning new strategies with other people. I liked going swimming. 

Vida Yanez 


I really enjoyed making slime in our Science Unit 

Maizy Duck, Hunter Aurisch and Aliesha Turnbull 


I loved making up our play about the Water Cycle for Fellowship and the excursion to the Gippsland Water factory was great. 

Lily Carmody